President & Chief Engineer:
Reuben Eytan
Director & Chief Architect:
Micaela Eytan
Number of employees: 14
Date established: 1974
Ownership: Private (Reuben & Micaela Eytan)

27 Motta Gur St.
Tel Aviv 69494, Israel
Tel: 972-3-6428480
Fax: 972-3-6429355
E-mail: ebd@netvision.net.il

Areas of activity

The company is an architect-engineer consulting firm specializing in the design of protective structures to withstand the effects of different attacks.
We are involved in research and development, computer-assisted analysis of threats, vulnerability, risk assessment and optimization of protective measures, design of physical security measures, hardening of structures and installations as well as recommendations of the most cost-effective protective measures. We have vast practical experience and are involved in many projects worldwide.

List of clients - in Israel

  1. Ministry of Defense.
  2. Air Force.
  3. Corps of Engineers.
  4. Military Construction Department.
  5. Home Front Command .
  6. Navy.
  7. Police.
  8. Prisons Authority.
  9. Israel Aircraft Industries.
  10. Israel Military Industries.
  11. Ministry of Finance.
  12. Ministry of Housing.
  13. Atomic Energy Commission.
  14. Municipalities.
  15. Commercial and industrial facilities owners.
  16. High tech facilities owners.
  17. Entrepreneurs and Contractors.
  18. Architects and Consulting Engineers.

27 Motta Gur St., Tel Aviv 69694, Israel
Tel: 972-3-6428480, 972-3-6418381
Fax: 972-3-6429355
E-mail: ebd@netvision.net.il