Detailed design

- several hardened structures in the new three airbases in the Negev.

- sophisticated super-hardened military complex.

- countrywide border fortifications.

- civilian shelters and protected spaces.

- different structures hardened against terrorist attacks.

- several types of ammunition magazines

- strengthening existing structures against earthquake and weapons/explosion effects.

Hardening consultancy

- the Israeli Nuclear Power Station.

- numerous hardened structures for the Israeli Air Force.

- various hardened structures for the Israeli Army.

- various hardened structures for the Israeli Navy.

- various types of ammunition storage magazines and facilities.

- various hardened structures for several military and civil industrial facilities.

- all shelters and strengthened houses and public buildings in the town - Katzrin on the Golan Heights.

- protected spaces for various office buildings, commercial centers, high-tech buildings, industrial facilities.

- all new court houses and government office buildings throughout Israel since 1993.

- numerous buildings designed to withstand terrorist attacks.

Hardening and protection studies

- shelter master plan for the towns Tel Aviv and Haifa.

- shelters survey and master plan for 400 villages countrywide.

- survivability analysis for various important installations.

Projects summary

  1. detailed design
    structures of approx value of
610,000,000 US dollars
  1. hardening consultancy
    structures of approx value of
4,200,000,000 US dollars
  1. hardening and protection studies
    studies of approx value of
3,100,000 US dollars

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