Dear reader,

I have compiled this summary of the Israeli practical experience in the design of protective structures, withstanding the effects of weapons and explosive charges, by using my own "generation-long" (33 years) involvement in the various aspects of protective design.

I owe my structural engineering training to the Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, where I received my M.Sc. in 1968 and my knowledge in the field of protective structures to the Israeli Corps of Engineers and the Military Construction Center, of which I was a member in active as well as reserve duty for my whole professional life.

Like with every man, you should look for the woman with him - "cherchez la femme". It is my wife and partner, Micaela, the architect, who had the vision to establish our architect-engineer design and consulting firm - Eytan Building Design (EBD) in 1974 and to focus our works in the specialized field of protective structures.

Our practical experience comes from participating in the design of numerous projects, including protective structures for our military, defense, government, municipal and private clients.

For us, in Israel, the protective design is not theoretical, as very often our protective structures are subjected to real attacks and then our work is thoroughly tested. Our satisfaction is great when the protective design has actually contributed to saving lives and reducing the levels of injuries and the property damages.

Until now we had a challenging, stressful but also rewarding and satisfactory professional real-life experience and I tried to convey to you in this summary some of our practical findings and achievements.

Finally, I hope that you will not have to actually experience the weapons and explosive charges effects on your protective structures (and on yourself, if you happen, like me, to be inside one during the attack), but live in peace now and forever.

But, as Israeli Home Front Command states: "He who is prepared, is safe!"

Reuben Eytan

EBD's Observed Damages to Structures (ODS) database

Since 1968, we at EBD have compiled the ODS database in which we constantly input the observed damages to structures from real attacks.

This unique database, of which the summary table is presented below, is obviously proprietary and not for detailed publication or sale.

However, we base the consultancy services to our clients also on the extensive unique practical experience contained in the ODS data base.

Observed Damages to Structures ( ODS )
Real recorded events

Type of attacks Number of events Number of observed damages to civilian structures
Unhardened With hardened internal areas With hardened structure envelope
Shooting of small arms, machine guns, etc 4,153 957 52 232
Direct hits of shaped-charge projectiles (RPG, anti-tank, etc) 4,457 420 55 42
Direct hits / near misses of mortar shells, rockets and missiles 11,252 3,641 2,215 389
Direct hits / near misses of artillery shells 12,722 1,753 459 75
Direct hits / near misses of air bombs 3,492 875 690 38
Direct hits / near misses of ground-to-ground missiles 105 2,353 857 42
Explosive devices of up to 20 kg TNT 5,215 4,270 85 30
Car bombs containing up to 200 kg TNT 392 623 78 28
Car bombs containing more than 200 kg TNT 72 426 24 11
Total events 41,863 15,318 4,515 887
Total: 20,720 civilian structures

General Summary of EBD's Practical Experience

Since 1974, EBD has been involved in the design of numerous protective structures.

We have participated in the protective design of all types of structures listed in the EBD Home Page.

To date, our firm has been involved in the protective design of:

  1. hundreds of protective structures and installations
  2. thousands of civil defense shelters and military fortifications
  3. tens of thousands of protected spaces and hardened internal areas

Many of the structures including our protective design recommendations have been actually subjected to real attacks.

The record shows that all of the above structures have performed as designed, providing adequate protection, saving lives and minimizing damage to property.

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