1. Official supplier of hardening and protection knowhow to
    overseas clients through the Israeli Defense Sales Department of the Ministry of Defense.

  2. Active in 18 countries worldwide.

  3. Overseas projects in the following fields:

    1. detailed design of hardened structures.

    2. hardening consultancy for all types of structures and installations.

    3. hardening and protection studies.

  4. Due to obvious security reasons no details of overseas projects can be presented.

  5. We are often addressing international conferences and symposia where we are personally invited due to our extensive practical
    experience in the field of hardened structures.

  6. We conduct training courses for architects and engineers on protective design of structures.

Overseas projects summary

  1. detailed design
    structures of approx value of
200,000,000 US dollars
  1. hardening consultancy
    structures of approx value of
20,200,000,000 US dollars
  1. hardening and protection studies
    studies of approx value of
6,100,000 US dollars

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Fax: 972-3-6429355
E-mail: ebd@netvision.net.il