E.B.D is an international consulting architect-engineer firm specializing in the design of protective structures and systems capable of withstanding the effects of various types of weapons.

Our firm provides consulting services concerning the hardening and protection of structures against conventional, chemical, biological or atomic warfares, terrorist and commando attacks and sabotage.

We have vast experience in the design of hardening and protection systems for both new and existing structures.

  1. Field and coastal fortifications: Weapons emplacements, fighting and communication trenches, personnel shelters, observation posts, gun batteries, ammunition bunkers, functional structures: command posts, headquarters, communication centers, etc.

  2. Military structures in forward areas: Command posts, headquarters, communication centers, observation and radar centers, hospital and first-aid facilities.

  3. Structures containing materials which can cause accidental explosions: Munitions storage, chemical plants, production facilities, oil storage and refineries, fuel pipelines.

  4. Civil defense shelters and protected spaces for population.

  5. Town and rural settlements needing protection: Along borders, near important military and civil targets.

  6. Important civil structures requiring hardening: Hospitals, airport facilities, hotels, governmental and official buildings, computer centers, nuclear and conventional power plants, communication centers, important industrial facilities.

  7. Military functions in rear areas: Military bases, storage facilities, military equipment production, repairs and service centers, air bases and airfield installations, operation and control centers, transport facilities, personnel shelters.

  8. All types of high rise structures: Prevention of progressive collapse and severe injuries from glazing fragments.

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